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2012-06-26 17:05:34
What To do When Visiting Open Houses

Open houses are a home buyer's opportunity to see and evaluate homes.  Although some home buyers feel that a virtual tour is enough, there are still many home buyers who prefer open houses because they get to see the property in person and not just beautiful photos that went under some editing.  Editing a picture can make a room look bigger and brighter when in reality the space is just small or the wall paint is a little dull and dark.  Real estate agents agree with this because some photographers are really good in choosing an angle which can make a room or house appear too beautiful compared to its real feature.  However, real estate agents suggest that it is better for a property buyer to attend an open house to the his top choices.

Make your open house visit productive by observing open house etiquette:

1. Schedule your open house visit.  You may want to visit several open houses in just a day, you need to have a game plan.  Take note that open houses have schedules and perhaps you have contacted an agent to shoe you the house and 'anytime' is not actually a time knowing the fact that the agent may have other clients to meet that day.  

2. You are visiting an open house and not attending a fashion show so, make sure that your are wearing something appropriate, casual and comfortable.  No need to flaunt your Louis Vuitton bag or your Armani suit so nor wear something way too casual like very short shorts and very tight spaghetti strap top.  Wear something appropriate and what you wear will say something about you as a buyer like whether you can pay the mortgage payment or not and so on.  Even if you are just comfortable with wearing such clothes, it might give a bad impression to the agent or the previous owner and reject your offer.

3. Be polite to the real estate agent host.  Smile, greet them and answer their questions.  If you have questions, ask politely and don't argue with their answers.  And most importantly, thank him before you leave.  If you need to take a photo or video, ask the host or the agent permission because in the first place, the property is still not yours.  Hold your criticism until after you leave.  Don't say anything bad during the tour because you don't know who is listening.

4. Listen to what other buyers have to say when you buy Provo UT real estate property.  Even if they are your competitors, you need know some information about the property that you don't know yourself.  

5. Keep your conversation with the host or the real estate agent and even with the other buyers low key.  Avoid divulging too much information and try to focus only on the property.

A Southern Utah real estate buyer doesn't have the luxury of time to visit all open houses and besides their free time and the schedule of the open house may not meet so they need to pick their top choices and visit the open houses they would like to visit. 

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2012-06-26 17:05:34
What To do When Visiting Open Houses

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