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2010-11-17 00:38:23
Save Money on Vacant House Insurance

Did you know that a vacant house can cost you $500-$3000 worth of insurance bill per year?  So, if you have a vacant house in Utah, consider Utah Home Tending services. 

Homeowners are currently turning to home tending services in order to save money on vacant home insurance.  What home tending companies do is that they install a resident to occupy the home and maintain it.  With the accountable resident, you are sure that your home is protected and maintained.  Since it is no longer vacant, homeowner’s insurance rates will not increase.  Not only that your home is kept up, the outside features like the landscaping are also preserved. 

Home tending and home staging adhere to the philosophy that a furnished, decorated, well-kept home sells faster and at a meaningful higher price than a vacant/empty one.  Though has a similar aim, there is big difference between the two.  Utah Home Staging is preparing a home for the real estate market by emphasizing its strong points.  It is basically getting your home market ready.

On the other hand, home tending is the art of providing a temporary qualified occupant service for home owners with vacant homes to care for the home while it is still on the market.  While home staging charge for designing the home in order to sell, home tending is usually charged for free or at nominal cost to the homeowner.

In addition to the mentioned services, Utah Home Tenders make sure that your home will have an improved curb appeal with the pool, yard, and ground well-maintained for free.  Home owners shouldn’t worry about leaving their home empty because the home tending company has quality, staged décor and furniture at no cost.  Housekeeping is amazingly included as frequently as needed by the home or as called for by the home tender. 

All in all home tenders are contractually obliged to furnish an empty home, maintain the inside and outside part of the home.  Moreover, they are required to cooperate with the homeowner’s real estate agent during showings and open houses seven days a week.

Before you hurriedly go to any home tending companies, make sure that the occupant provided by the company will do their home tending duties. 

What a great way to save money in vacant house insurance.  For more information on Salt Lake Home Tending options, ask your real estate agent.  Real estate agents and Utah Home Tenders work closely together to make sure your home sells quickly for the best price. 

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