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2010-10-21 15:45:05
Can You Sell a Home without a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate agents are full commission sales people, so finding an agent to work with you is very easy. Real estate agents are always seeking new clients. Essentially, all you need to do is call a Realtor up, and tell them you want to see a house for sale.

Because Realtor's don't want to waste their time with people who aren't going to actually buy real estate, they will often ask that potential buyers get pre-qualified for home loans before they will show houses. An agent doesn't want to spend time showing houses that people aren't going to be able to buy.

Before an offer is actually written, state law requires that buyers sign agency with a Realtor. This commits them to use that particular agent. Some real estate agents require that buyer’s representation is signed before they will show homes. In the current market, most agents are pretty hungry for work so this is rare.

Using a Realtor to aid in the buying process is a huge advantage for buyers. They get the help of somebody who knows well the market conditions of the local market, who has been in many of the homes for sale, and has a feel for what homes are priced well and what homes aren't. A good buyer’s agent gains a feel for what the buyer is really looking for, and can often find properties for the buyer that they wouldn't have even considered through their own efforts.

A buyer’s agent is also valuable in negotiating the offer, and in ensuring that the buyer’s interests, and earnest money, are protected in the real estate transaction. Good buyers agents are also familiar with the best lenders, home inspectors, and title companies, and can help them save money in those ways by recommending the best professionals involved in the other parts of the real estate transaction.

The buyer’s agent keeps track of due diligence deadlines and makes sure that if problems arise with home inspections, or financing, that the buyer is able to back out of the real estate purchase contract and retain their earnest money. Good buyer’s agents essentially have a team of professionals that know how to work together and overcome challenges that may arise in the real estate transaction.

The best benefit of using a buyer’s agent is that they get all of these services and usually don't have to pay anything for them. 


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